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Elastic Search disappearing indexes

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User Rating: / 71
Elastic Search logoI've been using Elastic Search for a little while now and when I would index a large quantity of documents (3 million or more), occasionally an index would seem to disappear. Very frustrating. The cause was surprising.


Joomla CRM -- integrating Joomla with SugarCRM

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SugarCRM logoIt is possible to integrate Joomla with the premier open source Customer Relationship Management (CRM) at many levels including shared login, contact information, and more. Since both use MySQL as their data source and both allow SOAP interface communication, there are many point of integration.




Examining MongoDB Performance

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User Rating: / 12
MongoDB logo

Mongo is very good at providing information on itself -- such as connections, counters for inserts, available connections, etc. There statistics are available through the admin database using the Mongo command line interface.



Joomla Search Engine Optimization - Meta keywords and descriptions

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User Rating: / 8

Beginning webmasters often overlook the meta keywords and meta descriptions that can be used for a Joomla website and every article on it. Failing to use these two key search engine optimization (SEO) features can hurt the page ranking and "findability" of a web site. This brief tutorial will show you where to enter these key fields and also how to use the Missing Metadata module to help you add metatags to all the articles on your Joomla site.



How To Get Joomla 1.6 Document Data within a Module

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When programming a Joomla extension in PHP -- particulary when you need to create a display module -- you often need to get information about about the document being displayed. By instantiating the document object, you can get access to all of the information on everything from the metatags to the template name.

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